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Stacked Filter Press

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Stacked Filter Press

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★ Equipment Introduction

       SPF stacked pressure filter is a kind of high-efficiency, energy-saving and intelligent solid-liquid separation equipment. It makes full use of the slurry feeding pump pressure, slurry properties and rubber diaphragm extrusion pressure, and use filter cloth as filter medium to separate the solid and liquid from slurry.


★ Equipment Features

● use stacked structure for the plates, use auxiliary guide device to make the operation become more stable.

● integrate filtering, extrusion, washing, air-drying, cake discharging and cloth washing together.

● the extrusion pressure up to 1.6MPa, it widely used in the field which has different requirements for cake moisture.

● 4.use hydraulic drive control system, make the operation stable and with low power consumption. 

● integrate PLC, HMI and instruments control system etc. intelligent together, it makes filter more efficient and easier. 

● use high pressure water cleaning device to make the cloth washing more effective.

● design with circular chamber, the structure more rational, the efficiency more prominent.

★ Working Principle

★ Operating Principle

1、Filtering: when the plates group closed, pump the slurry to filter, use distributed hose to feeding slurry to each slurry chamber, and filtrate pass through the cloth to filtrate frame and discharge out, the solid formed a cake on cloth surface.

        2、Extrusion: high pressure water fed into upper chamber of rubber diaphragm, make the diaphragm expand and extruding the cake and the liquid will be extruding out from cake.
        3、Cake washing: washing water feeding into slurry chamber through distributed hose cover on the cake completely,under the pressure, the washing water pass through the cake and cloth to discharge out.
        4、Air drying: compressed air through distributed hose feeding into slurry chamber and pressing rubber diaphragm, make the high-pressure water in the rubber diaphragm to discharge out, and the compressed air pass through cake and take liquid out to decrease the cake moisture to the lowest level.
        5、Cake discharging: when finished the air-drying process, open the plates group, drive system makes the cloth running and the cake discharge out on the two sides of filter at the same time.


Note: Please according to the real using condition to adjust the times of extrusion and air-  drying process.


★ Process Flow Diagram


★ Equipment Series

★ Technical Specification


★Auxiliary Equipment Data


★ Technical Specification


★ Auxiliary Equipment Data


★ Technical Specification


★ Auxiliary Equipment Data


★ Auxiliary Equipment Data


★ Application Fields

       It is widely used in urban sewage, textile printing and dyeing, electroplate, papermaking, leather, brewing, food processing, coal washing, petrochemical industry, chemistry, metallurgy, mineral separation, pharmacy, ceramic industry sludge dewatering and so on, also use in industry production solid-liquid separation or liquid leaching process. 


★ Equipment Structure


★ Plate  Group Structure



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