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Adjustment of discharge speed of sludge dewatering machine

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Adjustment of discharge speed of sludge dewatering machine

Date of issue: 2020/10/21 10:57:41click:972

The dewatering machine has the advantages of low operation cost, long service life and no interruption. Attention should be paid to the adjustment of sludge discharge speed of screw sludge dehydrator

1. Most of the motors of the screw stacking machine are frequency conversion motors, which can be adjusted by frequency converter, and the speed is generally 2-3 revolutions.

2. The sludge discharge speed of the screw stacker needs to be adjusted according to the mud discharge requirements. If the motor speed is adjusted fast, the water content of the sludge will be higher and the mud output will be large; if the motor speed is adjusted slowly, the mud output will be small, but the sludge will be dry. So get to the balance you need.

3. Do not adjust the clearance of back pressure plate of screw stacking machine too narrow, which will affect the timely discharge of sludge and cause shaft blockage. It is better to be above 1.2cm.

4. The sludge properties should be considered when regulating the sludge discharge speed. If the inorganic sludge content is high, it is better to pick faster and not easy to block the shaft. The inorganic sludge is easy to press dry, and it is not easy to discharge when it is dried.