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Impact of EIA on the company

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Impact of EIA on the company

Date of issue: 2020/10/21 10:57:13click:981

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is the abbreviation of environmental impact assessment (EIA). It refers to the analysis, prediction and assessment of the possible environmental impact after the implementation of planning and construction projects, puts forward the countermeasures and measures to prevent or reduce the adverse environmental impact, and carries out tracking monitoring methods and systems. Generally speaking, it is to analyze the possible impact on the environment after the project is completed and put into operation, and put forward countermeasures and measures for pollution prevention and control.

Our company attaches great importance to EIA and strictly abides by the principle of "four non approval and three strict". Strictly abide by the "Environmental Impact Assessment Law" and "Regulations on the management of environmental protection of construction projects", and implement classified management of environmental protection of construction projects.