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Ceramic Disc Filter

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Ceramic Disc Filter

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★ Equipment Introduction

       The ceramic disc filter is a kind of equipment which use the vacuum negative pressure and the capillarity of ceramic plate to realize solid-liquid separation.Extract air inside of the ceramic plate to make the pressure difference with external, under the negative pressure, the solids in the slurry tank will be absorbed on the ceramic plate surface. And the filtrate will be flow from the outside to inside of ceramic plate with negative pressure difference and the hydrophilicity of ceramic plate, so that to reach the purpose of the solid-liquid separation.


★ Operation Principle

       The ceramic plate immersed in the slurry tank, and the material cake layer formed on its surface under vacuum negative pressure and adsorbed by the plate capillary. The liquid passes through the inside of the plate and pipes to the vacuum tank and discharge out.The cake on the plates running by main roller to drying area, and continues to dehydrate under vacuum function. Then running to cake discharging area (without vacuum) to discharge the cake by ceramic scraper.After discharging, the ceramic plate running to the back washing area, the process water or compressed air will be enters to the ceramic plate inside by the back washing pipes, and washing the ceramic plate holes from inside to outside.After working for one shift, the ceramic plate should be washed by ultrasonic waves and combined with low concentration acid to ensure its efficiency.


★ Process Flow Diagram


★ Equipment Features 

● Low power consumption, low operation cost (low vacuum loss).

● low cake moisture, low solids content in filtrate and can be reused.

● High automation, compact structure, small space occupied, and easy installation and maintenance.


★ Technical Specification


        It is widely used in concentrate and tailings dewatering of mining, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, rare metals, non-metallic and environmental protection sewage sludge dewatering and waste acid treatment, etc.

★ Equipment Main Spare Parts


★ Using Site  


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