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Dry discharge and comprehensive utilization of tai

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Dry discharge and comprehensive utilization of tai

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  • Tailings dry discharge process flow chart

       Plan 1: The whole tail is dry


  • Plan 2: Graded dry drain


Various filtering equipment


High efficiency cyclone


Under the action of pressure, the feed slurry enters the cyclone along the direction. Under the action of centrifugal force field, the large particles are thrown to the wall of the cyclone and move downwards with the outward rotation flow direction, and are discharged from the lower sand settling mouth to obtain the sand settling products with coarse particle size, while the fine particles move upwards with the inward rotation flow direction, and the overflow products with fine particle size are obtained from the upper overflow pipe.

Small Angle cone or multi - cone structure cyclone can increase the concentration of bottom flow and bottom abortion rate.


  • Main technical parameters of cyclone:


  • GNZ central drive high efficiency thickener


GNZ center drive thickener series adopts modular design, the machine driven by a tub, support, and the material, discharge, harrow frame, lift rake module combination, from the feed, discharge, the overflow, control mode, etc, have done many optimization, the new structure and the control method is more conducive to accelerate the settlement of materials, improve the processing capacity of per unit area, reduce the overflow turbidity.

Application Scope:

1. Concentration, washing and dehydration of concentrate and tailings in wet dressing operation;

2, suitable for coal, steel, chemical industry, building materials, cement, sewage treatment and other solid slurry concentration and purification, according to different properties of materials and process conditions;

3, widely used in metal, non-metal concentration operations


1. It integrates the settlement theory and design idea of the high-efficiency thickener, with large processing capacity per unit area, good dehydration effect and convenient realization of efficient operation;

2. Modular design to realize the perfect combination of machine, electricity and liquid;

3. The serialized control system with complete functions can greatly improve the processing capacity of the thickener and effectively prevent the occurrence of pressing and harrowing accidents;

4. Comprehensive failure handling plan to ensure the worry-free operation of the thickener


  • GNZ series specifications:


  • Vacuum belt dehydrator for tailings


Working principle:

The device adopts a fixed vacuum box. The annular rubber belt is dragged on the vacuum box by the reducer for continuous operation, the press cloth is spread on the rubber belt for synchronous operation, and the rubber belt is in contact with the friction belt on the vacuum box slide table to form a water-sealed structure.The slurry is evenly distributed on the press cloth by the lower hopper.When the vacuum chamber is connected to the vacuum system, a vacuum filtration area is formed on the belt. The filtrate passes through the transverse groove of the belt and enters the vacuum chamber through a small hole. The solid particles are retained on the press cloth to form a filter cake.The liquid entering the vacuum chamber is discharged through the drain tank. With the movement of the rubber belt, the formed filter cake enters the filter cake washing area and drying area in turn. The press cloth is separated from the rubber belt and enters the unloading area.The filter cloth from the cake is recycled after cleaning, and then re-enters the filtration area after passing through a set of supporting rollers and rectifying devices, and then enters the next filtration cycle.



● Feeding, filtering, filter cake washing, filter cake drying, unloading, press cloth regeneration, press cloth deviation rectifying continuous automatic completion, high degree of automation.

● The mother filter liquid and the cake washing liquid can be collected separately, the cake washing can realize multiple advanstream and countercurrent washing, and each section of the washing liquid can be collected separately.

● Remote and field interactive control can be achieved, easy to implement unmanned operation.

● The belt running speed can be adjusted within a certain range of stepless speed, filter cake thickness can be adjusted according to the filtering performance of materials, in order to achieve better filtering effect, strong adaptability.

● The whole machine adopts frame module design, which is very convenient for equipment transportation, installation and maintenance.

● Press cloth regeneration can be equipped with high-pressure cleaning method to increase the regeneration effect and life of press cloth.

● There are zero level drainage, high level drainage and auxiliary drainage.

● The equipment can add a gas cover to achieve semi-closed or fully closed, used for the material containing volatile gas or steam local heat preservation or centralized collection, easy to clean production.




 CF ceramic vacuum filter


The working principle 

Under the action of vacuum negative pressure, the filter plate immersed in the slurry tank is adsorbed through the wool stoma of the filter plate to form a filter cake layer on the surface.Filtrate is discharged from the filter plate through the pipe to the drain tank.The rotor drives the filter plate and the filter cake adsorbed on the filter plate to the drying area, and the filter cake continues to dewater under the action of vacuum.After the filter cake is dried, the rotor rotates to the unloading area (no vacuum) and the material is discharged through a ceramic scraper.After discharging, the ceramic plate enters the backwash area, industrial water or compressed air enters the inner cavity of the ceramic plate through the backwash pipe, and the inner hole of the ceramic plate is cleaned from inside to outside.After working for a period of time, ultrasonic wave combined with low concentration of acid is used to clean the ceramic plate to ensure the efficient use of the ceramic plate.



SSY horizontal band pressure filter


SSY horizontal belt pressure filter is a new type of filter equipment, mainly composed of the main engine, electrical control system, hydraulic control system, air drying system and feeding system.Equipment work first closed filter chamber, materials via filling pump at a certain pressure from the hole into the filter chamber, with the aid of the feeding pressure feeding pump in the filter medium on both sides of the formation of the pressure difference to realize solid-liquid separation, material trapped inside the filter layer, the filtrate through filter cloth discharge outside, after a period of time, the filtrate no longer flow, filtration and dewatering process is complete, stop into the material.Then the filter cake is pressed at high pressure and blown dry by compressed air.Open the device, drive the roller to drive the filter cloth away, remove the filter cake, and then enter the next filter cycle after the high-pressure air organ cleans the filter cloth.

The equipment has the advantages of simple structure, high degree of automation, low failure rate and easy maintenance.


1. Automatically press the filter cake under high pressure, with the press pressure up to 1.0mpa, and use high-pressure air to blow the filter cake to reduce the moisture in the cake as much as possible;

2. The high-pressure waterline automatically cleans the press cloth, which ensures the regeneration of the press cloth, makes the press cloth have a longer service life, higher filtration efficiency and saves the water consumption of the equipment;

3, the filter chamber opening and closing device, short stroke, can quickly open and close the filter chamber, shorten the filtration cycle;Hydraulic drive press cloth to travel at high speed;Each cycle takes 4min less time and has high working efficiency.

4. The filter chamber locking device can realize self-locking function, automatic and intelligent operation, monitoring throughout, safe and reliable;


specification parameter


SPF is an efficient, energy-saving and intelligent solid-liquid separation device.Take full advantage of the pressure of the feed pump, the characteristics of the material and the role of the diaphragm extrusion pressure, to filter cloth as the medium slurry solid liquid separation equipment.

The characteristics

1. Filter plate laminated structure, auxiliary guide device, making operation more reliable;

2. Set filtration, extrusion, washing, drying, unloading, press cloth recycling process in a highly efficient;

3. Extrusion pressure up to 1.6mpa, widely applicable to situations with different requirements on the moisture content of filter cake;

4, hydraulic drive control, stable and reliable operation, low energy consumption;

5, set PLC, touch screen, automatic control instrument and other intelligent in one, more efficient, more simple;

6. Using high-pressure water cleaning device, the press cloth has better cleaning effect;

7, circular cavity design, more reasonable structure, more prominent effect.

Working process: feeding → filtering → extrusion → washing → air-drying → unloading





Intelligent press filter

Intelligent press filter is a kind of intelligent horizontal filter press.The device uses the pressure difference formed on both sides of the press cloth to achieve solid-liquid separation.It is mainly composed of electrical control system, hydraulic system and main engine.The equipment can also be used for high-pressure diaphragm pressing, washing and blow-drying.

This device is equipped with automatic unloading device, which solves the problem that traditional horizontal pressure cannot be discharged automatically, and realizes automatic filtration, which is safe and reliable.

The device is provided with a liquid collecting and isolating device to ensure that the filter cake and filtrate do not interfere each other.

The device is equipped with an automatic press cloth cleaning device, which uses high pressure water to clean the press cloth with good effect.

The press cloth of this equipment is easy to replace, low labor intensity and high efficiency.


After years of accumulation and development in the tailings comprehensive treatment industry, Qingdao HISHeng intelligent environmental protection Equipment Co., Ltd. has an experienced research and development team and advanced automatic production equipment, and has a number of core technologies in the tailings dry discharge direction, with strong market competitiveness.My company's original tailings dry - discharge process low comprehensive cost, simple and stable easy to operate.The company relies on the outstanding technical craft, the fine product quality, the complete product kind, according to the customer demand specialized custom different equipment to meet the site request.

Tailing application site

The device is provided with a liquid collecting and isolating device to ensure that the filter cake and filtrate do not interfere each other.

The device is equipped with an automatic press cloth cleaning device, which uses high pressure water to clean the press cloth with good effect.

The press cloth of this equipment is easy to replace, low labor intensity and high efficiency.

Tailing application site


Other tailings dry discharge and process


New technology of red mud separation and washing


(2) Process characteristics

1. Excrete red mud alkali can be reduced to: 6kg /t (dry red mud);

2. Eliminating red mud separation tank and washing tank can save a lot of construction investment, simplify alumina process, improve production environment, greatly reduce energy consumption and increase alumina yield.


A new technology for comprehensive utilization of excessive fly ash (fine slag of coal chemical industry) in coal-fired power plants


(2) Process characteristics

1.Wet production, no dust pollution, water closed circulation, zero discharge.

2.The products are of good quality and have good economic and social benefits.


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