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Preparation before start-up operation of dehydrator

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Preparation before start-up operation of dehydrator

Date of issue: 2020/10/21 11:01:33click:975

Before the start-up operation of the dehydrator, relevant preparations should be made, including:

1. Check whether there is enough lubricating oil for each part of the dehydrator to be lubricated, check whether there is leakage at the connection of the equipment air pressure system and valve, check whether all valves in the mud, water and medicine pipelines are flexible, and open the manual valve of the pipeline.

2. Check whether the power supply voltage of the dehydrator is normal, and check whether the electrical switch and the filter belt protection device have been reset.

3. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to carefully check whether the position of the filter belt deflection detection arm and the filter belt over deflection limit detection plate at the machine terminal is correct, and whether the action of the deviation correction device is normal by manual test, otherwise the filter belt and switch will be seriously damaged if the machine is started blindly.

4. Turn on the automatic dosing device. PAM was diluted according to the concentration of 2 ~ 4 ‰, referring to the influent flowmeter. The universal belt conveyor makes the flow meter reading of the water inlet system 2400l / h, and adjusts the dry powder dosage to 4.8 ~ 7.2kg/h.

5. Check whether the sludge level of the dehydrator is normal or not, and turn the operation mode selection switch to select the working mode.

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