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How to improve the filtration efficiency of vacuum filter

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How to improve the filtration efficiency of vacuum filter

Date of issue: 2020/10/21 11:00:20click:961

1.Filtration area:Since the design of filter products is relatively simple, we all want to make the filter area larger in use. To achieve this, it is recommended that the filter cloth must be placed flat without folding (it can be rolled up). After using for a period of time, the filter cloth should be cleaned in time to ensure the cleanness of the filter cloth.

2. Increase pressure:

In addition to the efficiency of filter cloth, it can also be increased by appropriate pressure. When the filtration range reaches a certain value, the pressure difference will increase, and the flow speed of the filter material will be faster, which will lead to the improvement of filtration efficiency.

3. There are various forms of filters

How to improve the filtration efficiency of vacuum filter, in addition to the above two points, in fact, the shape of filtering impurities. According to the different time and temperature, the filtering effect will be different. At this time, it is suggested that users should consider the temperature, material density and solid particle shape.