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Correct disassembly steps of belt dehydrator

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Correct disassembly steps of belt dehydrator

Date of issue: 2020/10/22 10:58:53click:937

Pay attention to the correct installation steps when disassembling the belt type dehydrator. The correct operation steps are as follows:

1. First, loosen and remove the bolts on the protective cover of the belt type dehydrator, then open the upper cover of the solid-liquid collection chamber, turn it over, and lift the motor and differential protection cover.

2. Disconnect the connecting flange bolts of the feed pipe of the feed pump to separate it.

3. The feed pipe can be pulled out by loosening the bolts on the upper cover of the feed pipe socket.

Note: at this time, the relative position between the feed pipe and the pipe socket should be recorded. Mark or measure the size and record.

4. Remove the belt from the motor and drum pulley of the belt dehydrator. Be careful not to pinch hands.

5. Pull out the locating pin on the bearing seat of the belt dehydrator, remove the bolts, and disconnect the oil pipe and sensors. According to the correct steps of disassembly, can quickly complete the removal of belt dehydrator work.